Yeasayer Goes All Radiohead

Merry Christmas Yeasayer fans! The Brooklyn band, who landed on A&A's Top 10 Albums of 2010 list, have posted a full length live album from an October show in Brussels on their website. You can name your own price for the download or swipe it for the low, low price of on the house. I don't know why more indie bands don't go the In Rainbows route with live recordings. They've got the material that otherwise goes unheard, and indie fans are the type of people who still actually pay for music. Seems like a natural way to spread the gospel of a band's live performance prowess while picking up some ancillary cash. I'm especially a fan of "Tightrope" on this recording, which up until now was only available on the Dark Was The Night compilation. 

Head to their site for the download.

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