Start Transmission.

When I set out to write, I know I'm in for a lengthy affair. I usually write notes or an outline before I start typing. I've even hand written notes before composing an email. Once I start typing, I'll retype a paragraph over and over again. First few sentences of a brand new blog? Yeah, I've rewritten this post twice already. I love to write though and I don't write nearly enough. Oddly, it's been Twitter that's spurred me to start blogging. 140 characters isn't often enough for my long winded ramblings, but I've enjoyed the freedom of sharing whatever comes to mind at a moment's notice. So, I'm going about this in a backwards fashion- from short form to long form- which I think better suits me as a writer anyway.

Now, what to write about? I've been luckily enough in my career to be in a position to give advice, often to college kids looking to break into the sports industry. Without question, the best piece of career advice I've ever received or given is to pursue your passions. As cliche as it sounds, when you do what you love, it's never actually "work." So for this blog, I'll write about the two things I love most (apologies to my future wife and amazing family). 
Music & sports. Sports & music. Repeat.

Anthems & Atleticos will be my outlet to write about the things I know and care about. Considering my earliest memories as a kid are 1) learning to work my Playskool turntable and 2) playing catch with my dad in the middle of Orizaba Ave., I've always held these two interests dear.  Now nearly a decade into my career as a sports marketer, I revel in the opportunity to combine my two passions whenever there's a chance. I'm not saying that's all I'll ever write about, but you can't go wrong with loved experiences.

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